Janine Paisley

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When I decided to try counselling I was at my lowest, I was feeling very depressed, anxious, lost and lonely and I really could not see any way out of it. I had recently gone through a lot of difficulties in my personal life, as well as issues from my childhood from having an alcohol dependent parent.

I had come to a point in my life where I knew I had to make changes but I was unsure of how to take the steps to do that. I found the website for Belfast Counselling and decided to make an appointment - this was the best decision I ever made. Janine helped me to work through my problems and face things from my past that I wasn't able to do on my own, she helped me to see more clearly.

Janine was very professional and understanding, and this allowed me to be open and talk through my problems easily, she guided me through my time with her and she gave me the awareness and tools to think for myself and take the steps towards positive changes in my life.

I feel like a new stronger person, I have grown so much mentally and feel like I am in a healthier place in my life. I would like to thank Janine for all her help and encouragement; it really has changed my life for the better. I am now taking the steps I only dreamt of before and I am no longer a spectator in my own life.



Hi Janine, I just wanted to let you know that I applied for a job in the American company's offices that I currently work for in Belfast and I got the job plus sponsorship so will be off to live in Boston in 2 months time!

Who would've thought this would happen compared to where I was this time last year! My goal in coming to you I can remember saying I want to ultimately move abroad and now it's happening so thank you very much for the help to get here! I'm very grateful! :)

I suffered many years from severe social anxiety as a result of losing my mother at 11 and being left with a controlling father. With countless visits to my Doctor for medication, he asked me 'did I want this to go away forever?' In sheer desperation and disbelief I said yes.

Participating in therapy was a very frightening and daunting task but Janine gave me the confidence she could help me. On this journey I not only cured my social anxiety, I found a new me or to be accurate the true me. I experience life now in this true state. I continue to grow and manage my life without fear.

I truly cannot thank Janine enough. She has had patience through the very difficult times and joy for me with eveything I have accomplished. Therapy saved me and I dread to think how my life would be had I not engaged in this process.


I decided to start seeing a counsellor initially because the relationships that I had with certain members of my family were not what I wanted them to be. My parents had had a very difficult break up when I was younger and my relationship with my siblings also had problems; even though in many ways we are a close knit family I was very unhappy. I felt like it was a cycle of arguments and resentment. I was at a point in my life where I wanted things to change and was willing to take responsibility for my part.

I was really nervous and had no idea what to expect from the counselling process but from the word go, Janine was incredibly supportive and helped me to form a trusting relationship with her. I was able to talk honestly and openly about everything in my life – I set the agenda for every session which allowed me to work through the things that I needed to at my own pace. For the first time I was able to get the real root of what was causing alack of confidence, guilt and unhappiness and spend time working through it and eventually letting it go.

Counselling has changed my life – I didn’t even realise how much the things that had happened in my past had held me back in my own life. Janine helped me to find my voice, my personality and my true self. Counselling has guided me through a process of personal growth and has made me an amazing difference in me being able to reconcile myself with my past and my family. I am happier that I have ever been.

I feel that I can move forward in my life now with positivity and strength and am so excited about what lies ahead; I cannot recommend counselling highly enough to anyone out there who is thinking about it.