Janine Paisley

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About Therapy

Counselling is a special relationship which happens when you meet with a counsellor in a private and confidential space to explore the difficulties or distress you are having.
Sometimes this is accompanied by depression or anxiety or other symptoms, or sometimes you just feel dissatisfied or stuck.
I offer to listen to you carefully and patiently, and let you unfold your story at your own pace. Because you are talking to someone who is non-judgmental, and does not have any connection with you outside the counselling hour, you may be able to talk more freely and openly about what is happening to you and how it affects you. Sometimes this reduces the distress you are having and may allow you to become aware of what is causing you difficulty.

Being accepted as a person and having your thoughts and feelings valued, allows you to gain respect and confidence. As the trust in the relationship increases, you may find yourself able to look at problems which previously may have seemed too difficult to face.
You will be encouraged to make your own choices and decisions, and put these into action, yourself. It becomes a journey of increasing self-discovery.
If you are willing to look at yourself, consider the possibility that you may play a part in your difficulties, and are motivated enough to change some of the things in your life, counselling may be of great value.

Psychotherapy is ‘nursing the soul’. It is like counselling but happens at a deeper level in the mind, and is used for longstanding problems, and difficulties which can be traced back to childhood.

Beginning Therapy; It is not uncommon to feel anxious and unsure about seeking help. In our first session there is an opportunity for us to meet and explore whether we feel we can work together, and whether therapy might be helpful to you. There is no commitment to continuing work at this stage.
If you decide you would like to continue, we would agree to meet on regular days at a regular time. The establishment of regular sessions is important in order to maintain the therapeutic process, and lends comfort and security while you are working with your difficulties.